Monday, April 11, 2011

Running for dummies?

So for those of you who actually read my blog know I signed up and am now training for the Warrior Dash. I am not a runner, I never have been but hopefully I will be! For the first 2 weeks of my "training" shit just wasnt working out. I had this idea in my mind that each week it would become easier, in fact it just got harder. I started out being able to run for 2 minutes, then I switched to running telephone poles because when trying for time I felt like I was always looking at my watch waiting for the torture of a 2 min dash to end. I figured counting poles was better - at least I could look up at the sky and look around and see where I was going, well it turns out this was also the wrong way to be doing it. I started with being able to run for 4 poles, walk 2, then it went down to run 3 poles, walk 2, then I could barely even run 2 poles before I had to start walking again. So I went on the primal forum and asked for help. Its not that my legs were tired, it was that I couldn't breathe, I would get to the second pole and I would feel like I was about to DIE from exhaustion. Well ask and you shall receive, I got some great ideas on the forum about how to run and how to breathe, the first night I tried to just fix my breathing issues - I ran for 6 poles! When I got home I had lots more replies about how to do long slow distance (LSD) instead of sprinting intervals so that what I tried on Saturday and Sunday, on Saturday I took Tatonka with me and we jogged LSD style all the way to the corner - .75 miles or about 16 poles, and on Sunday I took Orion with me and we jogged LSD style all the way to the corner, took a minute break so I could get a drink, walked 2 poles back and then resumed jogging - all the way home! So now I am finally feeling like I could become a runner and that I will in fact not be laughed off the race course in August. Tonight will be a very welcome walking day with Cocoa Bird and then tomorrow I will again be jogging LSD style with Tatonka, my goal is to go all the way to the corner and all the way home without stopping for a walk break or for a drink.

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