Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autum is here!

I spent today with my Mom and Aleric, we went out to eat and then to the park to play. I love that fall is here, they live closer to the mountains than I do so they have a lot more fall color. On to the pictures!

Brave Aleric (seriously walking across this thing made *ME* dizzy):He went down this ladder like contraption without any issue. My little man is growing up so fast!
And then we went over to the stream area and away from the playground, my Mom got him to show his muscles so that he wouldn't cover up his face:
And then he got to play is some trees that we picked (isnt this the cutest face?)
And this one really looks like he is big-foot but you know... not as big as big-foot:
He had such a fun day playing outside :) And I just love the outdoors. We picked lots of fresh wild peppermint while we were there also so its drying in my extra room and hopefully I will get some good tea for winter out of it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Laundry Soap

I went to do a load of laundry today that had some fabric in it that needed washed before I can sew it up, got all the clothes in the washer and then it hit me... I am out of laundry detergent. I have known this for over a week but in my busy life I just forgot to make more. I am trying to save money, use less, waste less and be more self sufficient. Well all the ingredients are bought from a store but I still save tons of money and I am happy to make stuff myself. There are probably hundreds of recipes for homemade laundry soap on the net so I will add one more. This will be my second batch and I love it. I was using soap nuts for a while, they cleaned my jeans and 5 fingers (shoes) but my shirts just never came clean enough so I went to making my own, 95% of my shirts come clean now (apparently I am kinda hard on my shirts and I get them really dirty). So what I do is take my ingredients:I use one bar of fels-naptha soap
1 cup Borax 20 Mule Team
1 cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
1 cup Oxiclean (its whats in the measuring cup)

Shred or grate the bar of soapmix everything in a big bowland wah-lah your done. Really it IS that easy. I use less than 1 tablespoon per load (HE front-load machine) and have not had any problems so far.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm going insane!

I am seriously going insane, after having my hernia surgery 11 days ago and spending most of the last 11 days doing nothing I am seriously about ready to freak the fuck out! I am bored, I dont want to watch tv anymore, I want to go outside, maybe do an Al Kavadlo workout, or a Jungle Fit workout - I mean look at Al and Tim they are freaking monsters when it comes to a workout, how am I ever going to become like that sitting on my ass??? Eating Primal is not so easy for me right now because all I want to do is eat crap because I feel like crap from not doing anything. I had got to where I could do 3 pullups and I am scared that by the time I am "allowed" to do more I wont even be able to do 1. Bullshit I tell you. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will tell me all is well and that I can start doing at least some things again. Something tells me that's wishful thinking. Tomorrow is another day and I am going to go back to a 100% whole food diet again, I feel better on it, I will heal quicker on it and really I don't need to be eating chocolate chips if I cant get out and burn them off.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eggs are here!

We got the chickens and ducks (and a goose) because we wanted eggs, well the goose wont lay because its a boy goose, but we have finally started getting eggs from our hens and we even have 2 duck eggs in the fridge now! We have been getting chicken eggs for just over 2 weeks now, but we don't get them daily, mostly every other day we find one or two of them. And yesterday we thought we had gotten a duck egg but we weren't quite sure, well today we are damn sure it was a duck egg and we got another one. The one we got today was HUGE! Once we get one more we are going to try them out and see what they are like. Everyone cross your fingers that Aleric will be able to eat them!

Chicken Eggs:
Duck Eggs:
Duck Eggs next to the Chicken Eggs: