Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Renaissance Festival

This past weekend we visited the Colorado Renaissance Festival!
If I could only do one festival a year, I would probably pick the Renaissance Festival, they have good food, great people watching opportunities, and awesome freaking hair toys. I love hair toys, most women like to wear lots of makeup, get their nails done, go tanning - you know that sort of thing, me I wear very little makeup, I only paint my toenails and I would never go to a salon to get them done with all of the chemicals and shit and I am stark white, no tanning here, but I have an obsession with hair sticks and forks and more recently I have started to like slides. So I spent a small fortune on hair toys for me. Aleric had fun also, he got to ride the Elephant, a Llama, and a Camel. He ate cheesecake on a stick with me, got an awesome dragon toy (like a stick pony but a dragon). Each year he seems to enjoy it more and more, I already can't wait to take him next year!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend activities!

Last weekend we went to the kiddy rides at City Park with my parents. While we were eating dinner the Pueblo Zoo's Peacock came over for a visit:
And then Aleric got to go on the rides, he really like the old time carousel and the mini train!

He decided to stand up on this ride, so he didn't enjoy this one very much :(
It was almost time to go, so he got to go on one last ride!

This weekend we had the opportunity to go for a ride on a REAL BNSF Train! My Dad has worked for the BNSF for years and they were letting family members of employees have a free ride on the BNSF Special, it has vintage cars from the 50's with a modern engine, really it was awesome because I had never even been on a train before! We sat in the car that had kinda dome style windows on the top (2nd picture down, 3rd car back). My Dad didn't get to ride with us, but Aleric still had fun. Since we had to drive 2 hours to get on the train we decided to stay in Trinidad for a day trip. We ate at a little cafe called Bob & Earls and it was amazingly good food. I got a double cheeseburger with bacon, cheddar and swiss, and a pickled green chili (without a bun), it was one of the best burgers I have ever had, I ate half of it and was stuffed, Aleric ate damn near the other half and Chris helped me finish it off.
Next weekend we will be visiting the Colorado Renaissance Festival!

**Oh and no, I didn't get the damn latches on the coops!**

Friday, June 17, 2011

Poultry Updates!

We got the coops painted last weekend, well we got the base coat done, still need to do the door latches! That WILL get done this weekend!! And really other than the fact that they are all HUGE nothing much has changed, so here are pictures:
Ducks and Goosebert:
Ducks and Goosebert, look at those wings!
Painted Chicken coop:
Painted Duck Coop:
The chickens! All chickens are in this picture 15 total, although you can only see the legs of one of them....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Primal Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Its been hotter than hell here for the last few weeks, we don't have our AC working yet so I have been making fruit Popsicle for Aleric, basically I take 1 can of coconut milk, and 2 or so cups of berries and puree them together and then put in molds and freeze. Well I decided to make my homemade ice cream recipe into a primal fudgecicle type treat. I made them in little pops for Aleric and small cups with nuts and chocolate chips for Chris and I. Chocolate chips are NOT primal! So the pictures are not 100% primal but if you leave out the chips I think its good to go. I don't actually measure anything either so its all just a guess, you will need to tweak it til it tastes good to you, Chris likes it sweeter and I like it with as little sweetness as I can get away with.

1 cup of heavy whipping creme
1 tablespoon (or less, much less) of Stevia powder
1 tablespoon (or more) of Cocoa Powder
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Mix all together really good, but no so much that it starts to turn into butter, freeze in freezer until its over halfway frozen (stir every 20 or so minutes) add chocolate chips and put back in freezer for 5 minutes, while this is back in the freezer put some nuts in the bottom of the cup and then pour ice cream mixture into the cups, add a Popsicle stick and a few more almonds and chocolate chips if you would like, let freeze until hard.

Sorry for the crappy pictures, I almost forgot to take them!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Its been a few weeks since I posted, I have got a whole lot done in this time. We got the chicken coop up and chickens are living outside, they have been for well over a week now. We also got the rest of the chicken pen fenced off so the poultry have lots of room now. I am still looking to add a small swimming pool and some shade and perches but for now I am damn happy with the pens. We do still need to paint them though.
We also got some trees, in fact a good portion of Memorial Day weekend was spent digging out and re-planting trees. We got some from our good friend Ed and 2 aspens from my Mother in Law, now we just need to make them GROW! I would have posted some pictures but really, who want to see picture of what looks like half dead trees...

My birthday was this past Sunday so we went up into the mountains and went for a small hike and then went out to lunch. I did get an absolutely BEAUTIFUL necklace that my Father in Law John made me. Thanks John! I tried to get a picture of the necklace and it just wont come out :( so I will keep trying.
Aleric on our hiking trip