Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Renaissance Festival

This past weekend we visited the Colorado Renaissance Festival!
If I could only do one festival a year, I would probably pick the Renaissance Festival, they have good food, great people watching opportunities, and awesome freaking hair toys. I love hair toys, most women like to wear lots of makeup, get their nails done, go tanning - you know that sort of thing, me I wear very little makeup, I only paint my toenails and I would never go to a salon to get them done with all of the chemicals and shit and I am stark white, no tanning here, but I have an obsession with hair sticks and forks and more recently I have started to like slides. So I spent a small fortune on hair toys for me. Aleric had fun also, he got to ride the Elephant, a Llama, and a Camel. He ate cheesecake on a stick with me, got an awesome dragon toy (like a stick pony but a dragon). Each year he seems to enjoy it more and more, I already can't wait to take him next year!

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