Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steak Pictures! Weekend Plans!

I made steak and broccoli for dinner the other night, it was delicious. I have never cooked a steak that was less than well done but this time I did good. I marinated it in the Balsamic recipe from Marks blog here. I have to say I was not very impressed, neither was Chris. I used like 5X the garlic is says to use but it still just had a slightly off taste to me. By the end of the steak it was fine though. Next time I will be using the adobe chili marinade also listed in the above link.
Thanks to my awesome job I have a 4 day weekend coming, plans are as follows:
Friday: we need to finish the chicken coop, paint the waterfowl house, and finish putting up the extra fencing, this means the chickens are going outside tomorrow night - YAY!!!
Saturday: I have a graduation party to go to with my Mom.
Sunday: Sit on my ass all day, hahaha no really I have no plans but hopefully the weather will be nice, maybe we can get Ed to come over for a bbq, and maybe just maybe I will be able to get some yard work done.
Monday: We will be heading up the mountain in our new Tahoe! I don't have a picture of it yet, but Chris found a perfect Tahoe for us yesterday, it has the cargo doors, good tires, runs well, nice paint job, tow package already installed, i mean really it was everything we were looking for at one hell of a good price, strange enough as I went to sign the loan papers the jeep was dying, it has some electrical issues. Apparently the Tahoe was meant to be.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Have you ever had a day where you just cant seem to get motivation to do ANYTHING? That was yesterday for me, I usually clean when I get home after I make sure the animals are all fed and have clean water. But yesterday I just couldn't get my shit together. So I watched 2 1/2 hours of tv and then Chris came home early and he suggested I do my run outside instead of on the treadmill. I really didn't want to, I need to run, and I need to run outside but I just didn't want to. BUT I decided since it was my first chance to run outside in weeks I should take it I just needed a belt, but couldn't find a belt that would fit in my stupid pant belt loops, then I finally found a belt that would work, so I finally got it on and the buckle was broken :(. And I had lost the dog leash and collar, the dog I wanted to take was not going to go alone, so after many frustrations and wanting to quit (I actually told Chris that I wasn't going) I changed my pants, got the dog out the door and away we went! It was probably the most successful run I have had so far, I ran an entire mile without stopping. I felt amazing when I got back home, who knew after a 3 week vacation caused by injury and only running 4 or 5 times last week on a treadmill and yesterday I go and run farther than I ever have. Amazing I tell you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Im running again!

I have started to run again, but not outside for now, for now I am stuck on a treadmill. When I started the running thing earlier in the year Chris and I were on the same schedule so when we got home from work I could go for my run. Well our schedule has changed and now I don't have the option to go outside and run so I am doing it on my treadmill. I started again on Monday. Hopefully I will be able to go for 2 or even 3 runs on the weekends from now on so I still get to get outside sometimes but for now I am just happy to be working out again.

Primal eating was going fantastic! Notice the word WAS... On Saturday morning I weighed in at 145.8 lbs YAY FOR ME!!! And then on Sunday I had cake and soda and potatoes and corn chips and god knows what else I ate, Monday morning I was back over 150. I knew it was going to be a cheat day and I am back down to 148 today but dammit. So back to primal food only, so far so good. I also felt so sick on Sunday I had to lay down because I was feeling like I was going to puke up all of that food. I feel so great on primal I don't know why I even want to cheat. Oh well I can tell you this much though, there will be NO cake for my birthday in a few weeks, unless of course its made of steak.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Waterfowl house!

We had been planning a surprise party for Chris for a month, so I HAD to get the ducks out of the bathroom by Sunday. But I also couldn't tell Chris why they needed to get outside. Either way with the help of our friend Dave we got the Duck house finished, the fencing up, all we have left to do is the top netting. The weather was much better this week, in fact is was cold and breezy - last weekend is was 94 degrees and 70 mph winds. I will take cold over that any day! I have plans to paint the house, I want to make the front look like a little cottage, with windows and flowers and stuff and then on the back I want a frozen lake painted. We are going to put the chicken coop next to the duck house, we will start building that next weekend and hopefully by memorial day weekend they will all be out and we can have our house back! And now for pictures!
The fist picture is of the "day pen" this is the pen they will be in when we are not home, once it has its top on it should be pretty safe and secure.
This is the waterfowl house - I am looking for something catchy to write on it that will imply duck and goose house... ideas are welcome!
This is the flock exploring the new water pails and food that appeared when the sun came up today!
And this was just so damn cute I had to include it, Didge in the washer - he was using it like a hamster wheel until I got the camera....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Random bitching, poultry updates and a Aleric picture!

Today I just cant stay on one topic so my first topic will be about Pueblo County Animal Services. Yesterday I was on my way to work and at 6:40 am I called our local Sheriff Department to let them know about a dog on my road that was hog tied and shot. They told me they would contact animal control (here in this shithole you cant call animal control, only the cops can) and would send someone out right away. Good I thought, I was 5 min late to work because I stopped and called but its ok because if they were to catch the person who did it we could take a criminal off the streets. So then I go home yesterday - about 9 hours later and the dog was still there. So I called again and was told that they had more important things to do, yes I can understand that there are other calls they had to go to but to leave a dog that was obviously killed in a very inhumane way on the side of the road for 9 hours is bullshit. I asked to talk to someone higher up than her and she put me on to a supervisor. Well this lady told me that they had received over 50 calls on this dog and that they would get someone out that day but they had more important things to deal with like if a dog gets hit and killed by a car on a city street. So the city dogs are more important than the county dogs, even though its a COUNTY run shelter. When I asked her why the city dogs were more important than county dogs she didn't have an answer and told me that she will get the dog when they can and hung up. Wow how professional of them! So today on my way to work today the dog is STILL FUCKING THERE! So now a dog that was executed and has had at least 50 calls to animal control is still laying in the road rotting away while the fucktard that shot him is out running the streets. FUCK THE PUEBLO COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES! They should all be fired and replaced with people who can do the jobs we hired them to do. I don't care if your officers don't want to go pick up a dead dog, but that's the job they were hired for and if they don't like it then maybe they should find a job that better suits them. Ok this rant is over, moving on....

Chickens: Not much really happens with them, I mean I wish it did but I would find it pretty hard to tell you anything exciting about them, they are almost all feathered out, they still peep and no crows yet. They eat a lot and poop even more than they eat. I think I have 4 Roosters and 11 Hens. My little chicken that is black and white with feathers is a hen so that made me happy (or at least I think its a hen). Here are some pictures, compare them with the older pictures from when we first got them and they are HUGE now!
Ducks: We STILL don't have them outside, as much as we tried last weekend the weather and wind was against us but this weekend all we have left to do is the netting and beams to keep it up, the sides and roof of the duck house (I will paint it later), 1 more wall of chicken wire and then the gates, so with any luck this should all be done on Saturday. And hopefully on Saturday they will be sleeping outside in a nice warm duck house! Older picture of the ducks here. And I just wanted to say that the Khaki Campbell duck is looking at me exactly the same way in ALL the pictures I have of her/him.
And last but not least is a picture from my Mothers Day (we celebrate it on Saturday to avoid the crowds). We always go to the zoo, here is a picture of Aleric with his cheesy smile (he was afraid of the egg and wouldn't get in unless I was in with him)
Still no food pictures, I just cant seem to remember to take pictures once I get it cooked, so no food pictures for here but yes I have been staying primal, eating only whole foods and tea and water to drink. Maybe next week I will remember to take pictures, but even if I don't the important thing is to stay primal. I am going to make some BBQ Sauce so we can have BBQ Chicken for dinner on Sunday, I use the Recipe from Son Of Grok.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A child trapped in an adults body

I was listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio yesterday and he said something along the lines of "the problem is there are too many children trapped in adult bodies and they wont even consider saying no to themselves". This really hit home with me. I have been really busy the last few weeks with an injury, and then all of our animals, and getting pens built and cleaning up after them I have once again derailed from Strict Primal. I was doing so great for a few weeks and then it all went back down hill. Well no more, I need to grow up and say no, yesterday I had a loaf-n-jug coffee, a milk shake (a client brought them for the whole office), a cadbury egg, some chocolate chips, and corn chips. What the fuck is wrong with me?!? All I could think was how good the food would taste, when really I am not even sure I could taste it :( The milkshake made me feel sick, the cadbury egg made my teeth itch. So to re-kick off my strict-primal-ness today I am fasting, I ate at about 7 last night so I am going to fast until at least 2 pm, and I plan on staying primal from here on out, no more stupid binges on coffee and ice cream. I do plan to cheat on the 15th but I cant say why yet. But that will be the one day I will go off primal. Other than that day - until my birthday (June 5) I will be strict primal and I will try to blog about it. I will try to take pictures and post them here, I would like to lose at least 8 lbs by the 5th but that probably wont happen, so lets just set my goal at 145 for my birthday.