Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steak Pictures! Weekend Plans!

I made steak and broccoli for dinner the other night, it was delicious. I have never cooked a steak that was less than well done but this time I did good. I marinated it in the Balsamic recipe from Marks blog here. I have to say I was not very impressed, neither was Chris. I used like 5X the garlic is says to use but it still just had a slightly off taste to me. By the end of the steak it was fine though. Next time I will be using the adobe chili marinade also listed in the above link.
Thanks to my awesome job I have a 4 day weekend coming, plans are as follows:
Friday: we need to finish the chicken coop, paint the waterfowl house, and finish putting up the extra fencing, this means the chickens are going outside tomorrow night - YAY!!!
Saturday: I have a graduation party to go to with my Mom.
Sunday: Sit on my ass all day, hahaha no really I have no plans but hopefully the weather will be nice, maybe we can get Ed to come over for a bbq, and maybe just maybe I will be able to get some yard work done.
Monday: We will be heading up the mountain in our new Tahoe! I don't have a picture of it yet, but Chris found a perfect Tahoe for us yesterday, it has the cargo doors, good tires, runs well, nice paint job, tow package already installed, i mean really it was everything we were looking for at one hell of a good price, strange enough as I went to sign the loan papers the jeep was dying, it has some electrical issues. Apparently the Tahoe was meant to be.

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