Monday, May 16, 2011

Waterfowl house!

We had been planning a surprise party for Chris for a month, so I HAD to get the ducks out of the bathroom by Sunday. But I also couldn't tell Chris why they needed to get outside. Either way with the help of our friend Dave we got the Duck house finished, the fencing up, all we have left to do is the top netting. The weather was much better this week, in fact is was cold and breezy - last weekend is was 94 degrees and 70 mph winds. I will take cold over that any day! I have plans to paint the house, I want to make the front look like a little cottage, with windows and flowers and stuff and then on the back I want a frozen lake painted. We are going to put the chicken coop next to the duck house, we will start building that next weekend and hopefully by memorial day weekend they will all be out and we can have our house back! And now for pictures!
The fist picture is of the "day pen" this is the pen they will be in when we are not home, once it has its top on it should be pretty safe and secure.
This is the waterfowl house - I am looking for something catchy to write on it that will imply duck and goose house... ideas are welcome!
This is the flock exploring the new water pails and food that appeared when the sun came up today!
And this was just so damn cute I had to include it, Didge in the washer - he was using it like a hamster wheel until I got the camera....

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