Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fishing Trip

We decided to take Aleric fishing with his new pole last weekend, I love the outdoors, like I really really love being outside, but fishing has never been my thing. I don't touch fish, we have 4 fish tanks in the house and if a fish touches me I freak out, I hate the way fish feel. If a fish decides to jump out of my tank (I have these shark fish that love to do this) then they will probably die on the floor before I get up the nerve to pick them up and put them back in the tank. I just don't like touching fish. So back to fishing, we took Aleric fishing at this really beautiful place over in Pueblo West.
We had to take Tatonka with us because he had just had surgery the day before, he hates lakes apparently.

David was the only one to catch a fish
And my dad spend most the time teaching Aleric how to skip rocks, well tried to teach him, Aleric was much more interested in just throwing large rocks into the lake and scaring away all the fish. (No wonder we didn't catch anything)
If you look closely in the above picture you can see my Mom in the background fishing.
It was a good trip though and we had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

My Dads birthday was this month, so I made him this sign. I would just like to add, I hope my Mom does not sell ANY of his guns and instead they come to my brother and I. Happy Birthday Dad!!


Ok lets be honest here, we as a family are not even slightly religious, but our parents are and I like doing the holiday things with Aleric. I can remember all the way back in my childhood dying eggs with my family and finding them. So I would be sad to not do the same for Aleric.
His Auntie in Wyoming sent him an Easter package a few days early so he got to open that as soon as it got here. It has the coolest dinosaur cups in it! He loves them!
Then the Easter Bunny showed up at our house and brought him all kinds of toys, he got kites, hotwheels, candy (a really big deal for him because we really restrict his candy intake!), a new gun, a stuffy bunny, and a FISHING POLE!! That was probably the highlight of his entire day, he loves his fishing pole.
And then we went and hunted all the eggs the Easter Bunny left, he must be a busy bunny because he left almost 2 dozen eggs!
Sadly I was in the kitchen cooking when the Grandparents showed up with their presents for him so I did not get any pictures of that, but he got a tackle box and fishing chair to go with his pole, and a bubble gun and a garden set to help me in the garden.

Chocolate Baby Boy Quilt

Here is another quilt I completed recently, Its Chocolate, Tan and Blue, the Blue fabric has little airplanes on it, SO CUTE!! This quilt already has a new home also.
Close-up of front

Aleric got a hair cut!

From about the time Aleric was a year old people kept asking when we were going to cut his hair and honestly I has planned to let him make that decision as he got older. Well as it got longer and longer the knots got out of control, he would get so angry and cry when I had to brush it so it was time for a haircut. As sad as I felt cutting his hair off I know he is going to be a lot happier this summer without all that extra hair keeping him hot. So he went from this:
To this:

Airplane Quilt

This quilt is a custom made quilt for a family member for a new baby boy. They picked out all the fabric, the pattern used, and the colors of the binding and the ties. Hopefully the people receiving this quilt will love it and get many years of use from it.

Close-up of the front
Satin Binding (I had never done this before)