Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old Singer Sewing Machine...

I found this beauty at a estate sale shop for a really good price, we had just got the Tahoe and were headed to town when my husband saw it sitting outside of the shop, we stopped and I looked at it (not that I actually knew what to look for) and decided for $35.00 it was a good deal, the needle moves fine, I know it needs a belt though and as far as I can tell its all in working order it just needs a few parts. Anyone have any ideas? The only number I can find on it says "C6998852" according to this site it was possibly made around 1908. Its paint job is pretty much gone, I cant figure out how to figure out what model it actually is either. All I have is this number and the one site that says they started making them in 1908, I would really like to restore her and start using her, and if the end of the world ever comes I can still make clothes and quilts!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Quilt

I finished another quilt last week, this one is for a little boy that is not born yet. Hopefully he and his parents love it! This is the first quilt that I did the "proper way" I guess you would call it and I stitched the binding to the back by hand... it took 6 hours alone just to do that. I love making things or this would so not be worth it. Its not as wonky as it looks in the pictures, it is actually quite strait which surprised me because as I was making it I thought it was going to be very wonky. And comments are greatly appreciated! Even constructive criticism is welcome :)

Pumpkin Picking wtih Aleric!

This post is a little overdue, we went on the 1st because I am obsessive about how I do my holiday decorating, October 1st Halloween and fall goes up, November 1st Halloween comes down, fall stays up. The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas Tree and the lights go up, Christmas day the tree comes down and I hang snowflakes on the windows for January. We picked out 5 pumpkins this year, we always go to Vic Mauro Produce, they are just down the road from us and we get to go out into the patch to pick our own. Here are a few pictures!