Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old Singer Sewing Machine...

I found this beauty at a estate sale shop for a really good price, we had just got the Tahoe and were headed to town when my husband saw it sitting outside of the shop, we stopped and I looked at it (not that I actually knew what to look for) and decided for $35.00 it was a good deal, the needle moves fine, I know it needs a belt though and as far as I can tell its all in working order it just needs a few parts. Anyone have any ideas? The only number I can find on it says "C6998852" according to this site it was possibly made around 1908. Its paint job is pretty much gone, I cant figure out how to figure out what model it actually is either. All I have is this number and the one site that says they started making them in 1908, I would really like to restore her and start using her, and if the end of the world ever comes I can still make clothes and quilts!

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