Monday, July 25, 2011

Chicken Door Hinges

Ok I said I was going to do this so long ago, but this weekend I finally got the little hinge/ lock things on the Poultry houses!

Mail Pouches!

I got some sewing done this weekend, even sewed my own finger - but we will get to that soon..

First is the Mail Bags, we keep losing the checkbook and bills and by we I mean I keep losing them, so I decided to sew up 2 little pouches, one for outgoing mail and one for incoming mail and the checkbook / stamps. This is a very easy project, and would have been done in a day if I had a maid to do my cooking and cleaning for me, so it took about 3 days to complete. Pictures:So while I was finishing up my mail bags my friend Tiffany came over and sat with me, she tells me that she is scared to sew because she is scared of sewing her finger. I told her you had to practically be a fucking retard to sew your own finger. So the next day I decided to make Tiffany a mug rug, she picked a fish shape, I cut it out, started sewing it, got about halfway done and I sewed my fucking finger. Now in my defense I know why it happened (the needle was in sewing position of all the way left - I usually sew with the needle in the middle position), and really it could have been much worse, I caught my middle finger right on the edge of the nail, not through it, I was using a small needle and luckily I have Chris to fix my mishaps. So we disconnected my finger from the machine, the needle had jammed itself into the foot on the machine so we had to take lightly pry the foot away from the needle, and then had to pull the needle from my hand. It really wasn't that bad, it stung, it was tingly for a few hours, but overall its fine and even kinda funny in hindsight. I mean it was ME who said you had to be a retard to do something like that. Right before we pulled it out I thought we should take a picture :)
And this is just a must see picture of Cocoa Bird!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicken Play House

I wanted to get outside and build something this weekend, we still have about 200 or 300 feet of fence to line with pallets but I decided instead to build a little chicken playhouse! I took 4 standard pallets and made 2 a-frames, then put a larger pallet on top of them and a stick through them for roosting fun. It took them a few hours to decide that it was in fact not going to eat them and they started playing in it and chasing each other off the perch. Its not the prettiest piece of chicken furniture but I don't think they care, and hey - you cant beat FREE!

And last night I also made some Jalapeno and cream cheese poppers wrapped in bacon, I have made them once before, this time though I used thick sliced bacon, and I used 1 whole jalapeno per popper, so you take a jalapeno, cut it in half, scrape out the seeds, stuff both sides with cream cheese, put back together, wrap in bacon and cook in oven until bacon is nice and crispy. Poppers are pictured with pulled pork with avocado and broccoli. (Must eat with fork, I don't think they would hold together well as finger food, and they would also squirt molten lava like cream cheese at you...)
And lastly I tried sewing some this weekend. I went and got some beautiful material to make my bedroom new curtians, but before I can start those I needed to get a blanket mended and I tried to make a pair of underwear for me. The blanket is done, doesn't look great but oh well, I would much rather mend it and use it then buy a new one. I am not that good at hand sewing yet. And the underwear were a disaster. I made a pair about 5 months ago that were almost right but not quite, so I figured I would try again, all was going pretty good until the last 4 inches of sewing needing to be done, and them something went wrong (im not even sure exactly what it was...) and now the foot of my sewing machine is sitting INSIDE the seam on my panties and I cant get it out without ripping the material :(. Lets all hope my 3rd try will be a charm because the first 2 tries are fails!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Change of blog

As you all can see I have changed my blog name, I just didn't think I should call this a primal blog, while The Primal Blueprint, Marks Daily Apple, and primal living seem to be a huge part of my life, nothing on here is really primal. Primal inspires me to be better and inspires me to live like I want to live and inspires me to do stuff I never would have done before (Like the Warrior Dash) I don't post recipes, or health info. So some primal stuff might sneak back in sometimes for the most part this blog will just be about my life. I hope to get some new content up over the weekend with my phone, if i fail to do so I will try to get it up next week, I have so many ideas of stuff to make, just not enough time to make it all. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilt for sale!

I have finally finished my first quilt to sell. I am very proud of it because I chose the fabrics, drew out some patterns and finally decided what design to sew. It took me a good 9 hours start to finish, 2 nights I was up until almost midnight working on it. I already have some ideas for my next one I am going to make, that one will probably be listed on once I get my store all set up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It has been a while, blogging in the summer is hard, I have so much to write about but I would rather be outside or sleeping. Since I wrote last we have went swimming, after driving all over town for 2 days to try and find me a swimsuit. Swimsuit shopping is probably the hardest thing I have done all summer. And that's saying a lot, because it seems that I have an obsession with digging holes. This spring we brought home 8 trees within 2 days, so we had to dig all of those holes, then I wanted a clothes line - yep we had to dig another hole for that, then we get a 5 day vacation from work for the 4th of July weekend, so I decided to dig up our cistern to clean it - we have excavated a hole the size of our Tahoe, and we are still not done. We have decided to turn it into a root cellar, because after all this digging we might as well. And then my friend bought me a rose tree - it has blue flowers on it (maybe its not a rose tree?!? but a flower tree none the less) So last night I dug yet another hole for it. Hopefully I am done with digging for the rest of the summer. Our farmers stands have opened for the season, but most of what they have is crap still, and out of state crap at that. Seriously I don't go to my LOCAL farm stand to buy peaches from fucking California. So hopefully by the end of the season they will actually have local produce. I also made a quilt, well its almost done. It will be the first quilt I am making to sell. I was up til midnight last night and its still not done because it wanted to give me problems. We went and saw fireworks on the 4th, we watched the City of Pueblo's show, it kinda sucked, Pueblo West does a much better show. And then on the 5th we woke up to a herd of cows in the front yard. All in all we have had a super busy past few weeks, and I predict they will get busier before they slow down.

I dont have many pictures, but here are a few pictures of the cows that were in the yard.