Friday, July 15, 2011

Change of blog

As you all can see I have changed my blog name, I just didn't think I should call this a primal blog, while The Primal Blueprint, Marks Daily Apple, and primal living seem to be a huge part of my life, nothing on here is really primal. Primal inspires me to be better and inspires me to live like I want to live and inspires me to do stuff I never would have done before (Like the Warrior Dash) I don't post recipes, or health info. So some primal stuff might sneak back in sometimes for the most part this blog will just be about my life. I hope to get some new content up over the weekend with my phone, if i fail to do so I will try to get it up next week, I have so many ideas of stuff to make, just not enough time to make it all. Have a great weekend everyone!

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