Monday, July 25, 2011

Mail Pouches!

I got some sewing done this weekend, even sewed my own finger - but we will get to that soon..

First is the Mail Bags, we keep losing the checkbook and bills and by we I mean I keep losing them, so I decided to sew up 2 little pouches, one for outgoing mail and one for incoming mail and the checkbook / stamps. This is a very easy project, and would have been done in a day if I had a maid to do my cooking and cleaning for me, so it took about 3 days to complete. Pictures:So while I was finishing up my mail bags my friend Tiffany came over and sat with me, she tells me that she is scared to sew because she is scared of sewing her finger. I told her you had to practically be a fucking retard to sew your own finger. So the next day I decided to make Tiffany a mug rug, she picked a fish shape, I cut it out, started sewing it, got about halfway done and I sewed my fucking finger. Now in my defense I know why it happened (the needle was in sewing position of all the way left - I usually sew with the needle in the middle position), and really it could have been much worse, I caught my middle finger right on the edge of the nail, not through it, I was using a small needle and luckily I have Chris to fix my mishaps. So we disconnected my finger from the machine, the needle had jammed itself into the foot on the machine so we had to take lightly pry the foot away from the needle, and then had to pull the needle from my hand. It really wasn't that bad, it stung, it was tingly for a few hours, but overall its fine and even kinda funny in hindsight. I mean it was ME who said you had to be a retard to do something like that. Right before we pulled it out I thought we should take a picture :)
And this is just a must see picture of Cocoa Bird!

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