Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicken Play House

I wanted to get outside and build something this weekend, we still have about 200 or 300 feet of fence to line with pallets but I decided instead to build a little chicken playhouse! I took 4 standard pallets and made 2 a-frames, then put a larger pallet on top of them and a stick through them for roosting fun. It took them a few hours to decide that it was in fact not going to eat them and they started playing in it and chasing each other off the perch. Its not the prettiest piece of chicken furniture but I don't think they care, and hey - you cant beat FREE!

And last night I also made some Jalapeno and cream cheese poppers wrapped in bacon, I have made them once before, this time though I used thick sliced bacon, and I used 1 whole jalapeno per popper, so you take a jalapeno, cut it in half, scrape out the seeds, stuff both sides with cream cheese, put back together, wrap in bacon and cook in oven until bacon is nice and crispy. Poppers are pictured with pulled pork with avocado and broccoli. (Must eat with fork, I don't think they would hold together well as finger food, and they would also squirt molten lava like cream cheese at you...)
And lastly I tried sewing some this weekend. I went and got some beautiful material to make my bedroom new curtians, but before I can start those I needed to get a blanket mended and I tried to make a pair of underwear for me. The blanket is done, doesn't look great but oh well, I would much rather mend it and use it then buy a new one. I am not that good at hand sewing yet. And the underwear were a disaster. I made a pair about 5 months ago that were almost right but not quite, so I figured I would try again, all was going pretty good until the last 4 inches of sewing needing to be done, and them something went wrong (im not even sure exactly what it was...) and now the foot of my sewing machine is sitting INSIDE the seam on my panties and I cant get it out without ripping the material :(. Lets all hope my 3rd try will be a charm because the first 2 tries are fails!

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