Friday, October 5, 2012

Other summer fun!

This is going to be the post that talks about everything else I have pictures of from the summer.
I planted strawberries, and trees, 21 trees to be exact and they all DIED! This summer was just way to hot for stuff to survive out here, we got no rain at all :-(.
 Aleric and his Grandpa (my dad) built a pirate ship!
 We went to the Colorado State Fair Parade! And the State fair but I have no pictures of that.
 Chris and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! Chris is the most amazing husband and father I could ever ask for. He gives me everything I want and supports me in everything I do. I am so very lucky to have him. His parents and Grandmother bought us our first grown up grill :-) up until now we have been using a $30 one from Walmart, this grill is awesome, it has both gas and charcoal. 
 Cooking wings and hamburgers:
 And Chris and I also canned 20 pints of organic peaches :-)
I also got rid of some birds, well we put the 2 roosters and 3 drake ducks in the freezer and I gave away the 2 female ducks. We did go to Breckenridge again this year to watch the Warrior Dash, I was not able to run it, but we already had paid for our hotel room so we went and spent the night up there and took a little 1 night vacation. I really do hope to run it again next year though! I have been doing some other crafting, some is for Christmas gifts though so I cant show pictures of it. I still feel like I have lots to do, and not enough time to do it all in. But that's life. I have also learned to make my own coffee creamer so I can once again enjoy my coffee nice and chemical free :-)! I might do a post on that in the near future now that I am back up to date on here I will try to post more regularly. 

Introducing Horse!

Ok we have been watching a horse for a friend for a while, turns out she loves Chris, we love her, he owed us money and could not afford to feed her anyway so.... She is ours :-). We have had her at our place for 5 months now, we have got some weight on her, when I get a chance I go outside and work with her because my goal is to be able to ride her someday. Lets hope its someday soon. It will have to wait until after February though (more on that in an upcoming post). Her name was Annie, we don't like that name very much so we are still looking for a good name for her, so far her name is just Horse. I like the name Marley for her because her mane and tail are so deadlocked that Bob Marley would be impressed! I have been trying to work on them though, but she is afraid of bottles, which means the expensive ass detaingler I bought for her is useless. I did manage to get her mane all brushed out this past weekend so here are some pictures! The farrier is coming out Monday so ignore the hooves....

Isnt she *beautiful* she is just starting to get her winter coat, so hopefully between the winter coat and all the extra food we have been giving her this will be her best winter ever!
Oh she is an 8 year old BLM mustang mare.

Bishops Castle

When I was a kid I *loved* going to bishops castle. Its the most amazing thing to walk around. When I was a kid it was a lot less finished, and they had a haunted house here in October that was *amazing*. Well they dont do the haunted house anymore but its still a really cool place to stop in and visit. 
The Castle:

 A huge chair (Chris is standing so close because all the "seat" of the chair is gone):

 After we went to the castle we continued up the road to a lake on the top of Greenhorn to go fishing, this my friends will probably be my last fishing trip ever. Fuck fishing. I spent 20 minutes fishing and like 3 hours trying to untangle my line. Fishing is just not for me. I didn't come home with ticks so I think I will go back into the woods, but only for hiking and sightseeing reasons.

Fishing in San Isabel

I have already stated that I hate fishing, at the time of this adventure I did not hate it yet, this is one of the five fishing trips we have taken this summer for nothing. We did get to hike a bit though so that was fun.
 Everywhere we go we collect rocks:
Chris sitting by the lake, it was a beautiful day! 
 Us fishing... is it even called fishing if you don't catch anything?!?!?!

We went to Wyoming this year. 3 times actually. I had never been and my Aunt wanted us to come for a visit. One of the 3 times we went we went to Frontier days which was super fun. Aleric loved the huge mega slide that they have there!
On the way there:
 A cool fence they have around a train in one of the parks we visited:
 Aleric really likes trains!
 Statue outside of a museum we went in:
 Another statue, Aleric was bigger than it!
 Cheyenne Wyoming has all these giant boots all over town, here is one of them:
 Aleric playing with the spur:
 At frontier days:
 Until this Aleric was scared of bridges:
 Julie and Aleric on the dumbo ride:
 Julie and Aleric on a little train:

Some Crafting

Over the spring I did get a few things sewn up. I made a little dress for my friends daughter for her 1st birthday.

 I made an apron for my MIL, apparently didge the cat approved of it. Chris picked out the fabric for it. It came out beautiful! I wish I had a picture of her wearing it. 
And for John for his Birthday I made him some John Deer pillowcases. I wish I would have more time to sew this year but its just not happening right now.


 As everyone knows Aleric loves dinosaurs, at 3 he can name more of them then I can. so we took him to some sort of Dinosaur thing in Colorado Springs. He loved being able to touch them and watch them move, he even was slightly scared of some of them.

So brave!
Not sure about this one....

Dinosaur Train!!!

Because Aleric loves dinosaurs we found the show Dinosaur Train, so when we found out they were actually going to have a Dinosaur Train over in Durango we just had to take him. This was seriously the longest day of my life. We left our house at 3 am, and got home at almost 9 pm. I have to say only a little bit of the journey was pretty, over in the Wolf Creek Pass area was nice, over by La Veta area was nice, the rest was just the flat lands of nothingness. Aleric had a great time though so it was worth it!
The Conductor!
 Outside the Depot
 Its the train!!
 On the Train with Daddy
 He was scared of Buddy the Dinosaur :)
All he needed was a little bit of Mama help to get a picture with him 
 Digging for fossils - he found a shark tooth!

City Park Kiddie Rides

Every year my mom likes to take Aleric to the Pueblo City Park Kiddie Rides. This year he was big enough to go on 2 new rides (both of them scare the shit out of me). He was so brave! Luckily he did not get my motion sickness problem. 
The Carousel (its like 100 years old)
The mini train 
 This is one of the rides he was able to go on this year - he loved it even though I was freaking out!
 I really thought he was going to jump out of this one, but he stayed seated and had a great time!

Fishing in Colorado City

I honestly cant remember when we went fishing here, I grew up just a little ways from this lake and spent a lot of time here as a child. As I write this in October, I went fishing I think 5 times this summer and only got one fish, it was like 3 inches long. I officially hate fishing! I hate spending money on fishing to not get fish. I spent about $120-$130 this year between fishing licenses for Chris and I, poles, tackle and bait. I could have bought a hell of a lot of fish for that much money! I will stick to hiking next year, Aleric can fish with my mom, I will hike, and we will have lots of fish from the store in the freezer to show for it!