Friday, October 5, 2012

Other summer fun!

This is going to be the post that talks about everything else I have pictures of from the summer.
I planted strawberries, and trees, 21 trees to be exact and they all DIED! This summer was just way to hot for stuff to survive out here, we got no rain at all :-(.
 Aleric and his Grandpa (my dad) built a pirate ship!
 We went to the Colorado State Fair Parade! And the State fair but I have no pictures of that.
 Chris and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! Chris is the most amazing husband and father I could ever ask for. He gives me everything I want and supports me in everything I do. I am so very lucky to have him. His parents and Grandmother bought us our first grown up grill :-) up until now we have been using a $30 one from Walmart, this grill is awesome, it has both gas and charcoal. 
 Cooking wings and hamburgers:
 And Chris and I also canned 20 pints of organic peaches :-)
I also got rid of some birds, well we put the 2 roosters and 3 drake ducks in the freezer and I gave away the 2 female ducks. We did go to Breckenridge again this year to watch the Warrior Dash, I was not able to run it, but we already had paid for our hotel room so we went and spent the night up there and took a little 1 night vacation. I really do hope to run it again next year though! I have been doing some other crafting, some is for Christmas gifts though so I cant show pictures of it. I still feel like I have lots to do, and not enough time to do it all in. But that's life. I have also learned to make my own coffee creamer so I can once again enjoy my coffee nice and chemical free :-)! I might do a post on that in the near future now that I am back up to date on here I will try to post more regularly. 

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