Friday, October 5, 2012

Dinosaur Train!!!

Because Aleric loves dinosaurs we found the show Dinosaur Train, so when we found out they were actually going to have a Dinosaur Train over in Durango we just had to take him. This was seriously the longest day of my life. We left our house at 3 am, and got home at almost 9 pm. I have to say only a little bit of the journey was pretty, over in the Wolf Creek Pass area was nice, over by La Veta area was nice, the rest was just the flat lands of nothingness. Aleric had a great time though so it was worth it!
The Conductor!
 Outside the Depot
 Its the train!!
 On the Train with Daddy
 He was scared of Buddy the Dinosaur :)
All he needed was a little bit of Mama help to get a picture with him 
 Digging for fossils - he found a shark tooth!

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