Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing Horse!

Ok we have been watching a horse for a friend for a while, turns out she loves Chris, we love her, he owed us money and could not afford to feed her anyway so.... She is ours :-). We have had her at our place for 5 months now, we have got some weight on her, when I get a chance I go outside and work with her because my goal is to be able to ride her someday. Lets hope its someday soon. It will have to wait until after February though (more on that in an upcoming post). Her name was Annie, we don't like that name very much so we are still looking for a good name for her, so far her name is just Horse. I like the name Marley for her because her mane and tail are so deadlocked that Bob Marley would be impressed! I have been trying to work on them though, but she is afraid of bottles, which means the expensive ass detaingler I bought for her is useless. I did manage to get her mane all brushed out this past weekend so here are some pictures! The farrier is coming out Monday so ignore the hooves....

Isnt she *beautiful* she is just starting to get her winter coat, so hopefully between the winter coat and all the extra food we have been giving her this will be her best winter ever!
Oh she is an 8 year old BLM mustang mare.

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