Friday, October 5, 2012

We went to Wyoming this year. 3 times actually. I had never been and my Aunt wanted us to come for a visit. One of the 3 times we went we went to Frontier days which was super fun. Aleric loved the huge mega slide that they have there!
On the way there:
 A cool fence they have around a train in one of the parks we visited:
 Aleric really likes trains!
 Statue outside of a museum we went in:
 Another statue, Aleric was bigger than it!
 Cheyenne Wyoming has all these giant boots all over town, here is one of them:
 Aleric playing with the spur:
 At frontier days:
 Until this Aleric was scared of bridges:
 Julie and Aleric on the dumbo ride:
 Julie and Aleric on a little train:

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