Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ok lets be honest here, we as a family are not even slightly religious, but our parents are and I like doing the holiday things with Aleric. I can remember all the way back in my childhood dying eggs with my family and finding them. So I would be sad to not do the same for Aleric.
His Auntie in Wyoming sent him an Easter package a few days early so he got to open that as soon as it got here. It has the coolest dinosaur cups in it! He loves them!
Then the Easter Bunny showed up at our house and brought him all kinds of toys, he got kites, hotwheels, candy (a really big deal for him because we really restrict his candy intake!), a new gun, a stuffy bunny, and a FISHING POLE!! That was probably the highlight of his entire day, he loves his fishing pole.
And then we went and hunted all the eggs the Easter Bunny left, he must be a busy bunny because he left almost 2 dozen eggs!
Sadly I was in the kitchen cooking when the Grandparents showed up with their presents for him so I did not get any pictures of that, but he got a tackle box and fishing chair to go with his pole, and a bubble gun and a garden set to help me in the garden.

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