Friday, May 13, 2011

Random bitching, poultry updates and a Aleric picture!

Today I just cant stay on one topic so my first topic will be about Pueblo County Animal Services. Yesterday I was on my way to work and at 6:40 am I called our local Sheriff Department to let them know about a dog on my road that was hog tied and shot. They told me they would contact animal control (here in this shithole you cant call animal control, only the cops can) and would send someone out right away. Good I thought, I was 5 min late to work because I stopped and called but its ok because if they were to catch the person who did it we could take a criminal off the streets. So then I go home yesterday - about 9 hours later and the dog was still there. So I called again and was told that they had more important things to do, yes I can understand that there are other calls they had to go to but to leave a dog that was obviously killed in a very inhumane way on the side of the road for 9 hours is bullshit. I asked to talk to someone higher up than her and she put me on to a supervisor. Well this lady told me that they had received over 50 calls on this dog and that they would get someone out that day but they had more important things to deal with like if a dog gets hit and killed by a car on a city street. So the city dogs are more important than the county dogs, even though its a COUNTY run shelter. When I asked her why the city dogs were more important than county dogs she didn't have an answer and told me that she will get the dog when they can and hung up. Wow how professional of them! So today on my way to work today the dog is STILL FUCKING THERE! So now a dog that was executed and has had at least 50 calls to animal control is still laying in the road rotting away while the fucktard that shot him is out running the streets. FUCK THE PUEBLO COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES! They should all be fired and replaced with people who can do the jobs we hired them to do. I don't care if your officers don't want to go pick up a dead dog, but that's the job they were hired for and if they don't like it then maybe they should find a job that better suits them. Ok this rant is over, moving on....

Chickens: Not much really happens with them, I mean I wish it did but I would find it pretty hard to tell you anything exciting about them, they are almost all feathered out, they still peep and no crows yet. They eat a lot and poop even more than they eat. I think I have 4 Roosters and 11 Hens. My little chicken that is black and white with feathers is a hen so that made me happy (or at least I think its a hen). Here are some pictures, compare them with the older pictures from when we first got them and they are HUGE now!
Ducks: We STILL don't have them outside, as much as we tried last weekend the weather and wind was against us but this weekend all we have left to do is the netting and beams to keep it up, the sides and roof of the duck house (I will paint it later), 1 more wall of chicken wire and then the gates, so with any luck this should all be done on Saturday. And hopefully on Saturday they will be sleeping outside in a nice warm duck house! Older picture of the ducks here. And I just wanted to say that the Khaki Campbell duck is looking at me exactly the same way in ALL the pictures I have of her/him.
And last but not least is a picture from my Mothers Day (we celebrate it on Saturday to avoid the crowds). We always go to the zoo, here is a picture of Aleric with his cheesy smile (he was afraid of the egg and wouldn't get in unless I was in with him)
Still no food pictures, I just cant seem to remember to take pictures once I get it cooked, so no food pictures for here but yes I have been staying primal, eating only whole foods and tea and water to drink. Maybe next week I will remember to take pictures, but even if I don't the important thing is to stay primal. I am going to make some BBQ Sauce so we can have BBQ Chicken for dinner on Sunday, I use the Recipe from Son Of Grok.

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