Monday, June 6, 2011


Its been a few weeks since I posted, I have got a whole lot done in this time. We got the chicken coop up and chickens are living outside, they have been for well over a week now. We also got the rest of the chicken pen fenced off so the poultry have lots of room now. I am still looking to add a small swimming pool and some shade and perches but for now I am damn happy with the pens. We do still need to paint them though.
We also got some trees, in fact a good portion of Memorial Day weekend was spent digging out and re-planting trees. We got some from our good friend Ed and 2 aspens from my Mother in Law, now we just need to make them GROW! I would have posted some pictures but really, who want to see picture of what looks like half dead trees...

My birthday was this past Sunday so we went up into the mountains and went for a small hike and then went out to lunch. I did get an absolutely BEAUTIFUL necklace that my Father in Law John made me. Thanks John! I tried to get a picture of the necklace and it just wont come out :( so I will keep trying.
Aleric on our hiking trip

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