Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eggs are here!

We got the chickens and ducks (and a goose) because we wanted eggs, well the goose wont lay because its a boy goose, but we have finally started getting eggs from our hens and we even have 2 duck eggs in the fridge now! We have been getting chicken eggs for just over 2 weeks now, but we don't get them daily, mostly every other day we find one or two of them. And yesterday we thought we had gotten a duck egg but we weren't quite sure, well today we are damn sure it was a duck egg and we got another one. The one we got today was HUGE! Once we get one more we are going to try them out and see what they are like. Everyone cross your fingers that Aleric will be able to eat them!

Chicken Eggs:
Duck Eggs:
Duck Eggs next to the Chicken Eggs:

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