Saturday, August 27, 2011

Warrior Dash!!

Oh how time flies when your having fun. Last weekend I ran the Warrior Dash in Copper Mountain, Colorado. I ran it in just under 44 minutes, which to me was pretty amazing considering for the last few weeks I had only had time to run once. I had grand plans of running every other day (or even every day) when I signed up back in March but life just didn't agree with those plans. I do hope to run the race again next year and hopefully with more time and more training going into it I will be able to do it in under 40 minutes. Depending on how the winter goes this year I may even decide to run the Tough Mudder race that is at Beaver Creek Ski Area here in Colorado. Who knows, but I know for sure if I get the chance to do the Warrior Dash again I will be there! No pictures of me at finish line but here is one of Aleric and I before the race, and then one of Aleric with my helmet on.

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