Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm going insane!

I am seriously going insane, after having my hernia surgery 11 days ago and spending most of the last 11 days doing nothing I am seriously about ready to freak the fuck out! I am bored, I dont want to watch tv anymore, I want to go outside, maybe do an Al Kavadlo workout, or a Jungle Fit workout - I mean look at Al and Tim they are freaking monsters when it comes to a workout, how am I ever going to become like that sitting on my ass??? Eating Primal is not so easy for me right now because all I want to do is eat crap because I feel like crap from not doing anything. I had got to where I could do 3 pullups and I am scared that by the time I am "allowed" to do more I wont even be able to do 1. Bullshit I tell you. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will tell me all is well and that I can start doing at least some things again. Something tells me that's wishful thinking. Tomorrow is another day and I am going to go back to a 100% whole food diet again, I feel better on it, I will heal quicker on it and really I don't need to be eating chocolate chips if I cant get out and burn them off.

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