Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't buy lumber on the weekends?!?

I had big plans for this weekend, I was going to wake up real early on Saturday morning and go get some pallets and boards from a local lumberyard so we could start building our Chicken and Duck pen, but they are now not open on Saturday so thats no longer an option. How in the hell does anyone with a job get anything done?!? I work 9-4 most day - some days its 8-5. So if I need to make a doctor appointment the hours I have to chose from are 9-5, Dentist 9-3, Vetranarian 8-5, lumberyard - only open on the weekdays. So if I want to build something I can't go buy lumber on fucking Saturday?!? I HATE this shit.

So I had lots of plans for this weekend and now I don't even want to try to get anything done.

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