Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Injury :(

So I haven't ran in over a week now, I want to but I cant. A few weeks ago my toes on my right foot hurt after one of my runs, I figured I had stepped on a rock wrong and it would be fine, then the next day it hurt more, but I still ran on it and it just got worse every time I ran but in the daytime before my run it was fine. Well last week it all of a sudden wasn't fine and I could no longer run on it without it hurting so I took the next day off and my foot started swelling, and has been swollen since that day :( In fact im wearing "normal" shoes today because my foot was so swollen I couldn't even get my 5 fingers on today. I am so upset about this. So hopefully by this weekend the swelling will have gone down, the pain will have gone away and I can resume my regularly scheduled activities. If its not better by Monday I will be making a trip to my local emergency room. I don't know if you can see the swelling in this picture or not but it was pretty bad when I took it.

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