Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday John and Joann!

This is a little late because John's Birthday was last Wednesday and Joann's was yesterday but they live quite far away so we went and spent yesterday with them and they both got their presents then. I made quits for each of them, Johns is the same tractor fabric that I made my Dad's quilt out of (how lucky am I that both my Dad and my Father in Law like tractors?!?) and Jo's was made with animal prints and mostly cat prints. I made both of these quilts in less than 2 weeks, and yes Chris did help, he helped pick the fabric, he chose the pattern, and he helped me tie all the ties and while I was slaving away sewing them he was taking care of Aleric and the animals. So now for the pictures!

John's Quilt:

Up Close:

Joann's Quilt:

Up Close:

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