Monday, April 18, 2011


This weekend we got our chickens, we have wanted them for a while but this year we decided to finally get them because they can be a source of eggs and meat. I really wanted to buy my birds from a local farmer but the one that I could find in my area lacked in the customer service department. In the add they placed it said they have 3 week old chicks, so me and Chris were thinking it would be better to get 3 week old chickens, because that's a 3 week head start. So I called and they answered the phone "hello", now it might just be me but when I call a place of business I expect something other than hello. So I asked "Is this _____ Chicken farm?" thinking I might have dialed wrong and he said "yes" I said "Oh good, in your add it says that you have 3 week old chickens is that correct?" His reply "I think so" hmmmm, you answered the phone at a place of business, now im asking you a question that could make your business money and you cant even answer my questions!?! Next question: "Ok good, now how long would I need to keep these chickens in the house with me?" It went silent, he then says "I don't know" I asked if there was anyone I could speak with, apparently there was someone who was more knowledgeable than he was but he/ she wasn't there and when I asked when I could expect a call back from this person to answer my questions I also got the famous answer of "I don't know". So needless to say this place isn't getting any of my money. The lady who owns the place did call back a few hours later and told me it was her son who answers the phone for her because she was sleeping. I told her that I was very disappointed with her customer service and thanked her for returning my call and if I needed anything in the future we would let them know. We went to Big R and got chickens from them. We bought 15 of them, 10 are pullets (or so they say - we will see in the end) I chose 5 tan ones and 5 black ones, and we got 5 out of the strait run barrel - I chose 5 little yellow ones. I am interested to see what they all grow up to look like and how many actually are going to be laying hens. If we end up with a rooster or two it will be ok, they can protect the flock, if we end up with more than that we will end up eating them. Here are some pictures of our new little chicks!

Aleric LOVES them!:
Not a great picture but this is them a little closer:
And of course I had to include one with Aleric touching them (we don't let him hold or play with them):

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