Friday, March 4, 2011


Somehow the time just flies by these days. Spring is coming and I am excited for everything I want to accomplish this year. I am thinking I will be making some major decisions on life soon and where I want to go in life but I am still pondering on my options. So lets talk about what I DID accomplish this week! I moved 167 tires! I know you think that sounds stupid but do you know how much work it is to move that many tires? Not to mention how dirty I got doing it! All of these tires were stacked 4 high going around what was our garden last year.

So now the tires are moved from the soon to be chicken coop area, next step is to move them to where they will be added to our shooting range.

When we moved them from over by the shooting range next to our garden last year we used my truck to do it, this year when I move them back I will be moving them all by hand. I hope to get that done this weekend, but I will also be cleaning out my storage room to convert it into my sewing room and our washer died while I was doing laundry before work so I also have that project to work on.

Oh and I need about 400-500 wooden pallets if anyone knows where I can get some for FREE please let me know!

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