Monday, March 28, 2011

What a great weekend!

I had a great weekend, I did two runs and I am going to do another today! I am slow though, I downloaded an app for my phone and it says I am doing a mile in 14 minutes. That's really crappy! But I am just starting. I figure within a month or two I should be moving up to quicker times. So training is going good so far, I am also running in my 5 fingers - another happy point in life for me its finally warm enough to wear my vibrams again! We are going to look at a freezer tonight after work, its a 20 cu. ft. one for $125. so I think its a good deal. We are also looking to start feeding the dogs a raw food diet. I have been calling meat places all day and you would think I was trying to find alien parts for sale. I mean seriously its chicken and beef im looking for its not that hard! Once we have the dogs on raw food I would like to put my cats on raw food. Oh and one question why the hell would chicken feet be almost $2.00 a pound? Am I mistaken thinking that these are usually just thrown away? Am I missing something?!? I got told today that a 40 pound box of chicken feet will run me $75, I can get whole chickens for $1 a pound! So my search continues....

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