Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am tired of waiting for nothing!

Why do people tell you they are going to do stuff that they have no intention of actually doing? For a few months now I have been trying to get a friend of mine to come workout with me, I dont really care if she actually shows up to work out but she seemed to need a break from her boyfriend and I thought coming out to my house to do a workout would do her good. So for 2 weeks now she has made plans to come out and for 2 weeks now she has failed to show up. Why even tell me your going to come over? A long time ago we always worked out together (of course the CW way) and now we cant even find one night a week to work out. Oh well I am giving up - if she wants to come over and workout she can anytime but I feel like im begging her to workout and I refuse to do that again. Your health is in your own hands, no one should have to beg you to get healthy - you will only succeed at it if its something you WANT to do. Well I WANT to be healthy, I WANT to eat primal, I WANT to workout and I am tired of caring what everyone else thinks or does. I will no longer wait for people to come work out with me, I am going to workout regardless and if they want to join in then they can. I will not do easier workout anymore, its all or nothing, you never get anywhere by doing things the easy way! Ok I am done ranting - I will leave you with a quote I think I should get tattooed on my body.

"Whether You Think You Can or think you can't, You are Right" - Henry Ford

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