Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been Primal for almost a year, the last 6 months or so I really slacked off on it though, when I am following primal I feel great, I don't overeat, I have lots of energy. When I cheat just once or twice it throws everything off and I end up in a slump for weeks. So a few weeks ago I said enough of this shit, I am tired of being fat I am tired of being angry at myself for being fat and dammit I want my fucking clothes to fit me! So I have re-committed myself to primal. In the two weeks I have been strict primal I have lost another 5 pounds, so only 10 more until my first mini-goal of 140 by June 1st. I figured out that I cant have any sugar though, not even fruit. If I eat one bite of fruit I then go back for more, and more, and more. Its not that fruit is bad for you its just that it hinders my weight loss progress and I am tired of being fat, nuts are my enemy also. I fucking love nuts, so if I have one, then I need the whole bag - we buy nuts in bulk in 3 pound bags and really I don't think anyone should be eating 3 pounds of nuts a day. So no nuts, no fruit lots of meat and lots and lots of veggies. And along with eating right I am going to start exercising again, I love love LOVE Mark over at Marks Daily Apple he has all the right info on nutrition and the dude is seriously ripped and looks awesome but I found Al Kavadlo through the forums on marks site and this dude is AMAZING, no seriously AMAZING in what he can do and his upper body strength so I have been following his body weight routine for beginners and its kicking my ass. I love it though. I just ordered his book today and can't wait to read it and get even more information. You should check out his site and check out his you tube videos HERE. Between Mark and his eating and Al and his workouts I should be fit and lean this summer. For the first time in a few months I am super excited to go home and workout and this summer I will be building myself a outdoor workout area with pull-up bars, lower bars for dips and such and boxes for jumping on.

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