Sunday, June 20, 2010


Why does life always seem to get in the way of well life? I have been collecting blog subjects for over a week now but yet I just never have had the time to sit down and write the damn posts. Last Sunday I was going to blog about my first experience cooking snake. Well it failed horribly so I then had to remake dinner with something that was actually edible, so hopefully when I try again this week it will come out right and I will be able to write about that. I also got a new shotgun for my birthday so I was going to write about it. Almost 2 weeks later I finally shot it today for the first time. We had a hail storm that killed our garden that we worked so hard on every single day. Then a few days later we found a rabbit in our garden burrowing under our dead cucumbers. All that is left in our garden right now is beans, onions, and we are really hoping that the pumpkins, tomatoes and strawberries come back. Our little aspen trees took a beating also but I think they will survive. (Picture below is what is left of my beans)

Our Jeep has been in the shop again getting the last few things fixed so we were down to 1 car that fits the car seat. And now the trailer lights still don't work so we have to pay for a load of water tomorrow while we wait for that problem to get fixed. But one thing did go as planned in the last week, on Saturday we went to FIBArk in Salida. Aleric got to see the parade and he loved it!

Every time the horses (or donkeys or mules) would come by he would get all excited and point and say "tsss" Its so cute. He finally got to meet some real horses on Friday night at a friends house, she has horses and we took him over there, he was so excited first he tried to crawl through the fence to get them, then when that didn't work he kept trying to go over the fence to get to them. He was not scared at all of them like he was the cows that he met over at Larga Vista Ranch.

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