Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

So today is my birthday and I wanted to go hiking, my mom wanted to go fishing and bought me a fishing license so we could go. Really I wanted to go hiking because I got my Vibram Five Fingers in the mail yesterday. So we started the morning with a small walk at Lathrop State Park, its just west of Walsenburg, Colorado. VFF's are the most awesome shoes on earth, when I was a kid I was always barefoot. Now that I'm all grown up society says you must wear shoes at all times, well this is the best of both worlds you feel like you are barefoot but Loaf-N-Jug cant kick you out for not wearing shoes! The people at the MDA forum are always saying how they cant go anywhere in them and not get comments, well The first place I wore them was to Loaf-N-Jug to get ice for our trip. I had to stop and explain my VFF's to the cashiers for like 10 minutes, they just couldent believe that they were shoes, they were convinced that they were just socks and that I shouldnt be wearing them in a store. Once I convinced them that they really were shoes, they wanted to know more about them. I guess they are kinda funny looking to the country folks out here in the county.

So back to the hiking and fishing trip, Lathrop State Park is beautiful. I grew up only about 30 minutes away but had never been there before today. Being a vegetarian for the previous 3 years I still feel strange saying that I went fishing, it was fun though and Chris even caught a fish! I didnt catch anything but thats probably because I was to scared to touch the worms to put them on my hook. There slimy and its still scary for me. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to touch a worm and put it on my hook, if not well then I might not catch any fish this year but to me its being out in the wilderness with fresh air and sunshine that matters. But it would be nice to bring home dinner at least once this year. Aleric loved being out in the wild, so we had to keep him on a leash (yep thats a dog leash but it keeps him safe).

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