Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good, HONEST, People

With all of the things that are going wrong in today's modern world, I have all but pretty much given up on people. You can't really trust anyone, people lie to you about the dumbest shit. But right now I am learning that there really are a few people left in this world who care about more than themselves. I try to always help anyone in need, people look at my family funny because lets be honest the majority of people who are walking around today with 5 piercings in their faces and flaming pentagrams tattooed on their arms don't really give a shit about anyone else. So we try to open doors for the elderly, help people push their cars when they break down and rescue animals in need off the highway during rush hour. You always hear people talk about how they are "Good Christians" and they help people. Honestly I have never met someone who is a good christian that has done a damn thing to help anyone but themselves. You never hear people say "oh look that athiest is such a good person." Or "That devil worshiper is such a nice person to help that old man with the door" Its always about the "Good Christian" well I think that should change, its not only Christians that help people.
So we have been having a few issues with the Jetta, seems they started when the final payment was made on it, like it knew that we had paid it off and now it was going to break every chance it got. Being the young couple we are we have searched for a good mechanic in the town, we have been ripped off and screwed over by every single one, except one shop that is Mr. Mechanic over on Prairie Ave. The guy that runs that place is one of the most honest, hardworking people that I have ever met. We have even given him chances to charge us extra and he hasn't, when we needed help yesterday we called him and he was there for us, only question he asked was "where are you so I can send a tow-truck?". That's what I call a good person, yes he has a business to run so its not a free service but the fact that he didn't start off by saying yeah I can come get you buy its going to cost you x amount of dollars, that's just amazing to me! Without people like him in the world, we would be lost. Its people like Tom who are restoring my faith that maybe, just maybe there is hope for humanity.

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