Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh My Gosh

I can not believe its already March. I have not got done half the things I wanted to do so far this year. I have managed to read almost 2 books this year, and I have been doing a small bit of crafting but not anywhere near the amount I should have done so far. Aleric is now fully potty trained and I am SO happy! I really thought he would be in diapers forever but he is doing great and has not had an accident in weeks! I have like 5 quilts that need to be done, they are in the stages of started, not started and still in my head. I seem to just keep adding things to my plate when I really don't have much more room, but I feel they are all important things that need to be done. I am NOT a good housekeeper, I really fail at keeping the house in perfect working order but I am trying hard to work on getting the house in order. I am doing it just in time because our good friends just moved in with us from Salida and I am so happy to have them staying with us. I also am going to hopefully do some craft shows with my good friend Martha this year and hopefully sell my wares. I will be trying to get on that sewing along with the quilts previously mentioned. And as if that is not enough I just got clearance from my amazing husband to sign up for the Warrior Dash again this year. I have already booked the hotel and am signed up for the race all I gotta do is get running and hopefully I will be able to beat my time from last year. It was seriously the funnest day of my life and I cant imagine not doing it every year from here on out. Also I saw a really awesome video on the chive today about a girl and her hula hoop. Its amazing, you should check it out so I am going to either order one or make my own and hopefully start hooping to build up some long lost core muscles from when I was pregnant with Aleric. So this is why I have not been blogging for a while, and I have been sick for the better part of the last month and seem to have just got back a cold AGAIN so hopefully I am on the mend soon and can start running regularly and crafting regularly, and just generally get back on schedule and back to life.

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