Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chicken Yard Reconstruction

Well spring is here, and that means I will be outside a lot more than I care to be in the winter time. The grass is starting to grow and soon the bugs will be out in force, my trees will be budding new leaves and I will be off to dig up more trees from my friend Eds house. We also ordered 20 trees from the Arbor Day Foundation so I am awaiting them to show up to plant. And I also have some peach trees and apple trees that I have started from seed that will hopefully be ready to plant outside sometime this year. Thinking about all these trees makes me want to get outside and plant my garden also but in order to plant my garden this year I needed to move the chickens to the other side of the yard, so we did a complete chicken yard reconstruction today. We moved out thousands of tumble weeds (I hate hate HATE tumbleweeds), we removed and replaced all the support boards for the fences and re hung all the fence and of course had to move the "Chicken play things" I had made out of pallets. And I figured while we moved the things we would create some new things for them to play with. It was a long day but it was worth it and I LOVE being outside in the sun. So anyway now for pictures!
They were on the pen on the far right that is overfull of tumble weeds, all 3 pens were like this, in fact there were so many tumbleweeds we found over 20 eggs that were lost and hidden in the weeds so these will become dog food eggs:
This is the new pen on the left:
Closer up picture of the new pen, with my new "Chicken playground toys":
The baby gate pen attached to the dog house is the isolation pen for Miss Chicken Bird who was attacked and partially eaten alive by Dogitar (she is recovering very nicely):
And this is a picture of all my chickens and I think the ducks are somewhere in here also:
And thats todays work, I had more things planned to do today but this was really important and it really needed to be done so we got it done today and the rest can hopefully get done over the next week!

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