Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Run

Ok so maybe it isn't my *first* run but today was my first run outside in a long time. I am seriously out of shape. I am using the mapmyrun app on my phone and the stats suck, I went 1.40 miles in 22 minutes, Now in my defense I had to walk more than I wanted to due to my new neighbors dogs trying to start shit with me and Orion, and I had to stop at the half way point to try to get my hydration pack to work and after a few minutes of trying it still would not work so I gave up. Now I feel like a weakling because I felt that I needed to carry a hydration pack on a 1.4 mile run but it was almost 80 degrees outside AND I am so out of shape. I felt so horrible that I couldn't even run 1.4 miles, I had to stop and walk for a bit. But this being the first real run of the season I know I will improve a lot on my skills with some time. I have not ran at ALL in over a month due to being sick and the fact that the treadmill is buried under so much shit that needs to be put in storage. Ok anyway I was just seriously excited to run outside and had to share, no pictures today but with any luck I will be going again tomorrow and the next day, and the next day and the next day :-)....

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