Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Aleric!

I still need to catch up on a few months, but this is so important I cant miss it. Aleric is now 3. I cant believe it, it seems like just last week he was tiny and still nursing, and now all of a sudden he is 3 years old. My little baby is growing up. His party was yesterday and his birthday is tomorrow. I don't do big parties, I try to invite 1 friend for him, and then just my parents and Chris' parents. I cant handle more than that at my house without panic. One of his favorite things is Dinosaurs, so we did a dinosaur party, with dinosaur cake and all. Homemade and gluten free but still a shit ton of sugar in it, one of these years I am going to learn how to make a cake without sugar. Ok so now for the pictures:
The Cake:
Aleric's best friend Lily (he would not stand next to her, he had to be in front of her):
Aleric blowing out his candles:
Aleric eating his cake:
Aleric opening a present that came in the mail today from his Auntie in Wyoming:

I will do a post soon on the stuff I made him for his birthday.

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