Tuesday, January 24, 2012

November Happenings

November was a very busy month, It started with Aleric cuddling on the dogs, his best friend is Orion but he loves Cocoa too! And Buddy is just so timid and flighty that he seems to move to much for Aleric to cuddle him, but he does like laying nearby on the couch or floor.
Then the Denver Museum of Nature and Science had a Dinosaur exhibit and even though we had already went once this year we could NOT miss taking him to see this so we went twice this year, I love this place, I love going there and seeing all the cool things, and I love looking out over the city on the sky deck. We actually already have our next trip planned because the next exhibit is snakes and reptiles so we are going for sure!
Its funny and sad at the same time, people kept asking me if we were going to eat Goosebert on Thanksgiving, and I kept saying no. Well I had been noticing that the duck eggs were going missing every morning, so one morning I went out to let the birds out and there was a bloody duck egg, I didn't think much of it, and then I noticed Dr. Duck Duck (formally know as Magnum because he is a Swedish Magpie duck) he was torn up, blood all over, wouldnet eat, was sitting in the corner of the pen just laying there like he was dying, in fact I walked right over and picked him up, got him in the house, put him in a warm bath while Chris went and found the perpetrator... Goosebert :( it broke my heart, I didnt want to have to deal with this but if I want to be a farm girl, then this is one of the things that comes with it. We called my brother and had him come and dispatch him, we put him in the freezer and had him for David's birthday dinner. Mr. Duck Duck is ok now, and we have the thery that Goosebert had been eating the duck eggs and one day Mr. Duck Duck got pissed one morning and tried to defend his duck lady's eggs and him and Goosebert went at it and Goosebert was much bigger and stronger so Mr. Duck Duck took a beating. But we can NOT have mean animals on my little farm, fighting will not be tolerated.
On to the Joyous occasion of Thanksgiving, I actually did not get many pictures, I had a small dinner at my house with our friend Ed, my Mom (Dad had to work, and David did not want to come) and the in-laws, Grandmother had never seen the ducks or chickens before so she ventured out into the backyard to feed them. I wish I had got more pictures!
And we went to one of my absolute favorite things in the world, the Parade of Lights! I LOVE this parade, we go ever single year (well we didn't make it the first year we had Aleric). It was freezing fucking cold, I think everyone was miserable but Chris loves me so we stayed til the end. Next year I really gotta figure out the key to staying warm, there has to be a secret to it!
There was lots of crafting this month, but none of it got completed until December so it will go on the catch up post for December!

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