Monday, July 5, 2010

5 Day Weekend

I love holidays, really im not even sure why I love them so much but I do. I want Aleric to grow up and have good memories of his childhood and family get togethers. Holidays usually mean a family get together. But so far that has meant the in laws on one day and my family on another. This 4th of July all of us were here at my house together and it was wonderful. We had a pretty busy week though, we had a five day weekend so on our first day off we went to Denver, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Aleric is only 17 months old so while he wont remember it, he had a good time, he loved looking at all the stuffed animals, he was running around and pointing at everything.

The next day we went to Salida, then the next day we had our 4th of July (one day early). This was the first time Aleric really got to see fireworks, we went and saw a public display of them last year but he was still so tiny, he slept through the whole thing. He also got to play in his new baby pool that day.
Aleric in his baby pool with his Papa John in the background

Aleric and Chris - Aleric is getting a smoke bomb so he can go place it where he wanted to and light it

Aleric and Chris with a giant sparkler!
Aleric and his Grandpa (My Dad) with sparkler

And then on Sunday we did absolutely nothing. It was great, really we had stuff we could have done but when you have 5 days off you have to at least spend one of them relaxing and watching movies. One of the movies we watched was Fat Head. This was a great movie, I will recommend it to everyone. I love documentary's and this was just so well put together it was very entertaining while still delivering some very good information to the public in a way that they can understand. And as of tomorrow its back to work and back to normal everyday life.

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